Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Do Sometimes Hesitate

I do sometimes hesitate to post non-vegan things here. Because it's a sensitive subject for many, and I've (happily) acquired vegan guilt - meaning I feel it's wasteful and cruel to eat meat when I'm fortunate enough to have plenty of alternatives, and I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings by surprising him or her with a photograph of a big slab of animal on a plate, after months of bok choy and rice.

But... I also believe in telling the truth.  And the truth is, I am not a perfect vegan.  In fact, I've been eating a lot of seafood lately.  It has always been my weakness.  Especially when prepared by a thoughtful and loving boyfriend for Valentine's Day.  He should be proud of himself because he made Valentine's Weekend and Day so fun and exciting for me.  I was a happy, happy girl.  Really, I was happiest just being with him.
He came in from long day at work and went straight to work.  Meanwhile, I watched him while sipping my fruity cocktail and nibbling on the appetizers he'd laid out - cheese - how dare he!  I am not a cheese eater.  I have given it up with very rare exception.  But he'd brought what used to be my very favorite cheese before I went vegan.  So I sighed and had cheese.
(It tasted good... but I don't miss cheese.)

I can't leave out that Monday morning, I woke to find him sneaking around downstairs with my favorite V-day candy and a vintage bracelet. Thank you, Boyfriend, for my Valentine's Day sweetness.


  1. Awww...what a sweetie! Seafood is a weakness of mine too although I rarely eat it anymore. Cheese...that's another story. I won't go there! :)

  2. Sounds super nice of him, either way :) I like the look of that drink!