Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Listening to Cravings (the Healthy Kind)

Everything told me to make collards, collards, collards!  They'd been in the fridge for days, they're super good for us, and I eat them several times a week.

I even found the perfect recipe, and went to the store and bought chickpeas.

But I was secretly thinking lycopene (you know you're a health nut when you think in nutrients).  And it'd been forever since I'd had pasta.  Since I couldn't seem to get pasta with marinara off my mind, I made a garlicky, simmery, deliciously reduced-until-sweet marinara (with a little Field Roast Italian sausage) and some penne pasta (ingredients: semolina whole wheat - period).  I stirred in and topped off with a generous amount of nutritional yeast and this supper totally hit the spot!


  1. Looks delicious!! Gotta go with your gut.

  2. Hay you have to indulge now and again.