Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rice Pilaf With Caramelized Onions from The Kind Diet

Another winner of a recipe from The Kind Diet.  I supplemented the caramelized onions with leeks, and used two carrots instead of one because I had no parsnips... Chris's comment as he ate a huge plateful was "How can it have so much flavor?"

(It's because of A.] The variety of textures and flavors in one dish B.] The brown rice vinegar, which makes things pop and C.] The caramelized onions' intense flavor.)

We ate our rice pilaf and caramelized onions with sides of purple yam chips (intended to be soft-roasted but turns out I don't know much about the cooking properties of yams) and steamed bok choy - a staple and favorite (not pictured).

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  1. I could eat a plain pile of carmelized onions, but it's good to know they go well with vegetables too ;)