Thursday, April 14, 2011

Breakfast potatoes in nappa cabbage wraps

This is what happens when you get home late, not having thought through a dinner strategy.  We had the cabbage leaves already wrapped and ready to go for whatever I might fill them with, but we also had the potatoes and onions and scallions and fresh herbs, so I ended up chopping the potatoes very small, sauteeing them with onion, garlic, crazy amounts of chili powder and other spices I won't bother to name (many of them Indian combinations, because I'd toasted and ground the spices for another meal and didn't use them all so why not throw them in, too?), first uncovered then covered for a long time until everything was very soft and caramelized and delicious.  That's when you add the fresh herbs and scallions and plop them in lettuce wraps and dip them in sweet chili sauce because that stuff tastes good on anything.  I'm not saying breakfast potatoes in lettuce wraps are a natural combination or recommending you try them, but the potatoes were perfect alone and I do recommend you have lettuce wraps more often and get creative.

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  1. I'm a fan of anything eaten in a cabbage or lettuce wrap. This looks delicious!!