Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The night i outdid myself

I cook a lot of yummy food, a lot of bad food, and a lot of food that falls somewhere in between.  When I cook something - particularly when I create the recipe myself - that comes together exactly as I'd imagined, I get really excited!  I give myself lots of pats on the back and watch Chris's expression to make sure he enjoys it as much as I do and if he doesn't I think he is obviously crazy.
I am sorry if I offend anyone by not featuring strictly vegan foods on this blog, but that wouldn't be honest.  As a marketing person, I know the importance of knowing your audience but the way I see it, I don't have a very big audience and after a quick cost-benefit analysis I don't have much to lose by portraying my diet accurately here (minus the ridiculous amounts of candy I sometimes eat).

Our meal last night was:

Whole wheat shell pasta with caper pesto, roasted fennel, and smoked salmon.

Bibb salad with toasted pumpkin seeds and fresh raspberry vinaigrette.

For the pasta, all you do is roast the sliced fennel with oil, salt and pepper in a 400-degree oven for 15-20 minutes.  Meanwhile, make the pesto by blending roughly one-third cup capers, one tablespoon white miso, one big handful of parsley, a small handful of walnuts, a big pinch dried oregano, a big pinch red pepper flakes, one tablespoon ume vinegar, and one-fourth cup olive oil.  Cook the pasta until al dente, drain, and stir in the pesto, a pat of margarine, roasted fennel slices, and pieces of smoked salmon.  Delicious!!

The raspberry vinaigrette is made by blending one-half cup fresh or frozen raspberries, two tablespoons raspberry vinegar (I have a really high quality one that I could practically drink from here), and one-fourth cup olive oil.


  1. Haha, you haven't lost this audience. I'm glad dinner turned out so well! The ingredients sound like a very gourmet combination so I'm not surprised.

  2. I get soooo excited every time I make something tasty. And when the boyfriend doesn't agree with me, I just tell him his palette isn't as refined as mine!

  3. ha! - that's what i secretly think when we argue about restaurants. he tells me i'm too picky!! I think i just have high standards. ;-)

  4. curious to know...when do you decide to fish and when do you not? just wondering

  5. sorry! when do you decide to EAT fish and when do you not?

  6. Lindsey,
    I'll try to answer very honestly. I ate almost strictly vegan for about a year (almost) then started letting myself eat other things every once in a while if put in a position where it would make things awkward or be a big pain in the butt to demand something vegetarian. I've had cheese a handful of times but I don't miss it or anything. I've eaten meat a few times at other people's homes, but I never ever desire it and I don't miss it. I have always loved seafood. When I go to the beach, if there is good fresh seafood I eat it. I adore fish tacos and I now eat them frequently, as I used to always get the veggie tacos at mex restaurants and they just didn't compare. I don't normally buy seafood myself to cook, but watching Food Network they don't feature much vegetarian cooking, so I am seeing all this meat and seafood and that is what is on my mind. I was at whole foods and wanted a treat, I had been thinking about smoked salmon and so I bought it. In short, I eat fish mainly if it is fresh and their isn't a better vegetarian option.

  7. I also avoid anything I know to be "unsustainable" but I'm not the most educated on what is and what isn't.