Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Portabello mushroom lasagna

Had plans to make this lasagna for my bosses, who have a tiny (and very precious) new baby boy at home to take care of.  Or course, I ended up making two because someone at home wanted to eat lasagna, too. :-)
I started with Ina Garten's recipe for portabello mushroom lasagna, but tweaked it in the following ways:

1. I added more veggies: leeks, spinach, and garlic (never use frozen spinach in lasagna, always microwaved fresh - frozen is too tough, strong-tasting, and wet).

2. I added a second type of cheese: mozzarella (for this dish I recommend sticking to just parmesan because the dish relies on the stronger, salty flavor of parm - I just bought moz on accident because I originally was making a tomato sauce lasagna).

3. I added thyme to the mushrooms and leeks as well as a splash of balsamic vinegar at the end of sauteeing because I thought they needed all the flavor boost they could get, this being a béchamel lasagna.

Turned out pretty well but I'm partial to tomato-based lasagnas!


  1. That looks amazing. I'm surprised that you would make a whole lasagne with only parmesan- I think of it as more of a topper cheese, or to be used in conjuction with other cheeses. But I love Ina, so I'll trust you!

  2. Dianne, I told you I had lasagna on the brain! Seeing your post the other day made me more inspired to make it!

  3. I love lasagna and this looks really good. Hopefully, there are gluten free lasagna noodles out there somewhere.

  4. There actually are gluten free lasagna noodles, in the "organic" section of the grocery store. I used some no-bake rice noodles once but they did NOT soften and my lasagna was ruined! But there were other types types too, like quinoa, etc. I got mine at the edgewood kroger.

  5. ooh i must try this! i also just picked up some chantrelle mushrooms, so now i have to find a fab recipe for those too!