Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gwyneth Paltrow's Corn Chowder

I did it, naturally.  I bought Gwyneth Paltrow's cookbook.  I knew I'd love it before I bought it.

On a side note - how can someone be so impossibly blonde, thin, and beautiful???  Could it be all the slow roasted tomatoes and anchovies she's eating, if her cookbook is any indication of her actual diet?

First recipe - corn chowder, made from fresh corn I bought at the farmers market on Sunday.  Verdict: delicious.  And a cinch to make, even with shucking the corn. Obviously I made the vegan version, which calls for smoked paprika instead of bacon, and unsweetened soymilk instead of milk.

That's right, no cream.  I do get tired of every soup recipe calling for cream.  I mean, yeah, if I top every meal I make off with cheese and cream and bacon, it will probably taste good.  It takes a little more skill to make something decadent without all that stuff, right?

*One tip. I grew up harvesting, shucking, creaming, and freezing corn every summer.  Creamed corn, if you don't know, basically involves running the cob down a cheese grater.  That way you get all the creamy starch from the cob.  Whereas simply using a knife, you just get the intact kernels.  I like to use a knife to remove the kernals, then run the cob over a grater to get the rest of that good sweet starch out.

More recipes to come.  I've got slow-roasted tomato and anchovy pasta, teriyaki tofu and shiitake lettuce cups, and warm potato and radish salad with lovage butter on the menu for this week.


  1. That looks good. I have that book too...might have to look this recipe up and check it out! I'll have to remember the smoked paprika tip too.

  2. I've been wanting to buy her bOok since it came out. Don't know why I haven't already! This weekend I have to go to the book store.

  3. I never knew that was how you cream corn!! I'm SO going to try that...

  4. Yep, creaming corn is super simple. Just wear an apron! :-) The reason I cream the corn myself rather than buying frozen is because I've yet to find frozen cream corn that doesn't have sugar and other crap added to it. Corn is so sweet on its own, why would they add sugar?? Luckily, grating it right off the cob is a snap.

  5. Oh - and cooking the creamed corn is just a matter of putting it in a pan with salt and pepper and heating it through. The sweeter the corn, the less you need to cook it. The last batch I did was so sweet I could have eaten it raw. Stir in a little butter at the end if you like.

    One last tip - we grew up eating it Southern style - topped with salted tomato slices, fresh from the garden!