Thursday, September 15, 2011

Potato and Rosemary Soup with Sage

I made this soup because tomatoes and potatoes seemed a somewhat odd and underwhelming theme – for that reason, I suspected it might surprise me, since it is the very first recipe in the Fall Soups section of Anna Thomas’s cookbook, Love Soup.
It did surprise me, a little.  The addition of two caramelized onions, a little white wine, homemade vegetable broth, and fresh sage make everything come together nicely.

Think, potato soup with a spin. And without cream.

I guess I wasn't too surprised though, because tomatoes make pretty much any soup more flavorful.

I think by now I'm a soup-making expert and it takes a lot to impress me, if you want the truth.

I did take Anna's (and everyone else's these days, it seems) advice and drizzle the top with a fruity olive oil.  I didn't think it enhanced the flavor enough to justify the extra calories, but that's just my opinion and my bottle of olive oil.
On to the next!

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