Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Jeans Do Not Fit.

You know how wonderful it feels to slip on a pair of jeans that fit perfectly in all the right places, snug but not tight, smooth with no lumps or bulges or any of that nonsense?  I personally feel like I could conquer the world in a pair of jeans like that.
Sadly, if I’m not in my ideal shape, I can shop high and low but I will not find the perfect pair of jeans.  It isn’t usually about the jeans themselves, but my own figure, that determines how they’ll fit.
And currently, I am not having good experiences, standing in my closet determining what to wear.

My jeans from two years ago?  They either shrunk, or I grew.  I have ONE pair of grey jeans that fit. I wear them every other day.  The other days, I wear dresses or somehow squeeze into my too-tight jeans and have a bad day because of it.

I’m tired of my shoes, too.

The thing is, I wouldn’t mind so much except that I’ve been running consistently. The past 3 weeks, I’ve run 24 miles every weekend (12 on Saturday, 12 on Sunday), and 6 miles Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  That’s a total of 42 miles per week.  Not terrible, right?
And I’ve been eating super-healthfully.  I’m talking kale, brown rice, lentils, fruits and veggies.
(Okay, I do binge on fish tacos and chips and salsa, but only at La Fonda once a week…
and occasionally I make a vegetarian meal... or two, that isn’t exactly low-processed-carb… I also dive into the chocolate chips… sometimes).
So why can’t I lose these few stubborn pounds?

Sunday morning, I vowed to DETOX.
All morning and into the afternoon, I was a miserable grouch with nothing to look forward to.  That night, I said screw it and we got sushi.  I was happy again. J  Obviously, detox wasn’t the answer.

Here’s what I’m thinking.

1. I need to vary my exercise to include strength training, not just running.
2. No more snacking after dinner, not even “occasionally.”
3. A few simple changes like drinking coffee black instead of with soymilk, or allowing myself to be a little hungry during the late afternoon instead of snacking, might add up.
4. These pounds will have to go gradually, unless I’m lucky enough to get the flu or grow new wisdom teeth that need taken out.

I realize I’m not terribly overweight of course, but there are definitely a few pounds between me and a pair of killer jeans.  And I intend to conquer them.

Not to mention, I do not feel like spending the money to buy an entire new Jeans Wardrobe, much less in a larger size! :/

I wonder if anyone else ever had this trouble and figured out the perfect answer.  I thought I'd found it when I discovered the vegan diet.  I get to eat amazing food AND it's healthy?  And I did, but I still struggle with the sweet tooth.


  1. Wish I had the perfect answer. I have the same problem. It definitely gets harder as you get older. I always that that was just an excuse women used, but sadly it's true!

  2. uh oh, Susan, do not tell me this! :-)

  3. No way, I love carbs too much - and they're good for you.